Today, we celebrate 70 years of our beloved founder and owner, Elodia Perches Adamson. 

She’s spent the last 40 of those years bringing light and love to the community of El Paso by delivering fashion from around the world and founding Bridal Novias, (the city’s longest-standing bridal house) where she has been dressing brides of the southwest for decades. A visit to see Elodia’s exquisite collection of bridal gowns is a must-do in any borderland bride’s planning itinerary.

It’s a story that could fill the pages of 100 novels, but we asked our team to provide just one word to describe our one-of-kind Elodia.

“Extraordinary” – Sylvia

“Passionate” – Jarib & Erika

“Iconic” – Abby

“Compassionate” – Nancy

“Exceptional” – Liz

“Worldly” – Camely

“Ambitious” – Alex

“Persistent” – Aide

“Inspiring” – Kathryn

“Stylish” – Giselle

“Admirable” – Roselia

“Noble” – Claudia

These are few of the many ways you could describe someone as impactful as Elodia. And who better to tell her incredible story than Elodia herself?

This week, we sat down with the queen herself, as she reflects on what she’s been up to the last 70 years…


What first inspired your passion for the fashion industry?

(Photo via ShotbyYez)

“My passion for fashion first began in India. I happened to be on a trip and I saw some snakeskin wallets. And from that I thought, wow, I want some pants made from snakeskin. So I had them make me some pants. (It was the first time ever that they had done those). And then from the pants, I had them make me a jacket. And the rest is history…

I decided I could start doing wardrobes in snakeskin and then a furrier in New York fell in love with one of my trench coats and he decided to place me a large wholesale order that he proceeded to line with mink. And needless to say, that snakeskin became my fashion and my slogan and my everything.”

What was it like working as a flight attendant for PanAm?

 (From A History of Airline Uniform Design, Photo via Allure Magazine)

“Working for PanAm was really such a treat. It was at a time, in the 80s, when flying was so classy and exciting. PanAm was the #1 airline in the world. We used to do the round-the-world flights (the 001 out of San Francisco and the 002 out of New York) and that gave me the opportunity to become a citizen of the world. I learned to speak every language in the world with a “universal smile”. PanAm was a huge part of my story growing up and without a doubt has made me who I am. My love of the world I’ve now instilled in my children and now on my grandchild, because I want them to appreciate the world as much as I do.”


What country do you feel inspires your personal style the most?

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“Wow, that’s a tough one. I love the colors of the saris in India. At the same time I love being dressed in all black like they do in Paris. But then, I love the way, in Argentina, they put brights and blacks together. So, it all depends on my mood and the season.”

Tell me about someone in the bridal industry that has inspired you.

(Photo via Vow Magazine)

“I think the person who inspired me the most and who I most admired was Arthur Udell (patriarch of Morilee) because was such a kind human being. He treated everyone with such respect, whether you were a small store or a large store. He always kept this fabulous sense of being and was a true light to everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. May he Rest In Peace”.

Read Arthur’s beautiful obituary here.

What has been the most exciting opportunity you’ve had in working in the Bridal Industry?

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“The opportunity to travel the world and see the runways in Europe has been a huge privilege. Equally, attending weddings all over the world in places like Israel, India, and Nairobi is a huge honor, because at that point we really become family to the bride.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to the next generation of women in business?

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“This is OUR time. Women are strong. Be willing to work harder for yourself than for others. That means being on call 24/7 and really putting your whole heart into what you do. Your business is like a bicycle. You could pedal that bicycle for 20 years, but the moment you stop peddling, the bicycle will fall. Stay involved and stay evolving.”

Who is your all-time style icon?

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“Audrey Hepburn. She truly mastered minimalist style and she has known how to age gracefully.”


If you could say one thing to the thousands of brides you’ve dressed in your many years of business, what would it be?

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“Thank you for allowing us the opportunity and the honor to serve you and your family. Thank you for making us part of your journey. It really meant a lot to us to be a part of such a special time in your life.”


After many years of hard work and success, what continues to drive your passion?

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“Love is forever. And I think that with passion, when you see the flower bloom, when you see that bride smile, when you see the family crying with happiness, that passion is forever.”

What type of legacy do you hope to have on the community and on the Bridal Industry as a whole?

(Photo via El Paso Inc.)

“In one word, TRUST. I actually tear up when I hear this question. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of our clients throughout the past 44 years that have trusted me, our team (which I consider family), and our entire company. It has been our honor to serve the community El Paso and our surrounding cities.”


From all of us at Bridal Novias…

Thank you, Elodia, for your commitment to our team, our brides, and our community. Your wisdom, strength, and compassion empower us all to be the greatest versions of ourselves. Here’s to many more years of love and light. 

Happy Birthday, Elodia!