5 Emerging Bridal Trends We Saw in Britney Spears’ Wedding Gown

5 Emerging Bridal Trends We Saw in Britney Spears’ Wedding Gown

Jun 15, 2022



Last week, the “Pop Princess” tied the knot with her prince, Sam Asghari, with a dreamy at-home wedding alongside 60 of the nearest and dearest friends and family. The wedding, though intimate, was nothing short of a fairytale…


Horse-drawn carriage, rose adorned walls, and of course, an unforgettable gown.


With Britney’s long history of memorable and over-the-top fashion statements, there was LOTS of buzz about what the superstar would be wearing down the aisle. When the photos hit the press, the world was in awe.


Britney’s custom Versace gown was clean, classic, yet with enough drama and grandiose to suit Britney’s dazzling persona.


And her gown says a LOT about what’s to come in bridal fashion.



1. The Return of Solid Ivory


(Photo and Gown by Donatella Versace)


From the red carpet to the wedding aisle, solid monochrome palettes are IN. After the a huge surge in champagne and blush-toned wedding dresses, we’re seeing a BIG shift back to the desire for a classic ivory gown.


In addition to the color, we’re noticing an absence of much appliqué, beading, or lace detail to accommodate a more minimalistic bridal look.



2 Structured Fabrics


(Photo VIA Donatella Versace)


The airy tulle and mesh gowns have taken a backseat while more structured, full-fabric materials such as crepe, mikado, satin, and brocade are in full bloom.

This is part of a larger move towards more couture-style gowns in which the dress can be exquisitely tailored with built in corset details to ensure a “second skin” type of fit.



3. Slit Drama


(Photo VIA People Magazine)


This is a BIG one. Many of the world’s most renowned bridal designers have been sending show-stopping slit gowns down the runway this year. Sometimes it takes awhile for runway trends to catch fire with real brides, but this feature was an INSTANT obsession.

Functionally, it gives brides more mobility and improved breathability. Aesthetically, it gives a sexy little peak of skin and (most importantly) you can show-off a stunning SHOE! What’s not to love?



4. Off-the-Shoulder Necklines




Calling all our princess brides! In terms of neckline, off the shoulder is about as dreamy as it gets. Brides have been asking for this neckline constantly the last few years and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Here’s why:


It makes EVERY bride look and feel beautiful, no matter the size
You can rock big, beautiful jewelry.
It evokes a free-spirited vibe, while still maintaining its elegance.
Many off-the-shoulders are detachable, allowing two looks in one.
AND it looks great on anything from a ball gown to a sheath.
Just like our couples, some trends are just meant to last.


5. Cathedral Veils worn HIGH!




Britney joined many other fashion-forward celebs, including Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Beckham, who rocked a DRAMATIC cathedral veil on their walk down the aisle this year. While cathedral veils have always been adored by brides all over the world, recently they’ve taken on a whole new level of hype. More length, more detail, more DRAMA.


And, while in recent years many brides have opted to place the comb of the veil lower, making the veil narrower and more subtle, we’re seeing a big return to placing the veil high, giving it that iconic full-frontal “poof” and volume!



Obsessed with Britney’s gown? Here’s a few styles we think you’ll LOVE!


(Ekaterina Gown by Maggie Sottero Designs)


 (Kayla Gown by Rebecca Ingram)


 (Stacey Gown by Morilee)


(Marlowe Gown by Beloved by Casablanca)


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