Unveiled: Morilee Edition

Unveiled: Morilee Edition

Jul 01, 2022

July is HERE and that means we have some exciting news for you, Novias!


This month we are celebrating MORILEE as our featured designer for July!


Morilee is a brand built to dress EVERY bride. Their extensive catalog of gowns has something special for everyone and they are always right on trend with what’s coming next in bridal fashion. We LOVE their product, but what’s truly special about Morilee are the passionate people that make it all possible. Today, we’re pulling back the veil so you can get to know our very own Morilee industry expert!


Meet Shelly Wagner…



Shelly is an Account Executive at Morilee and she works closely with us at Bridal Novias to bring El Paso one of the world’s most iconic bridal collections. We sat down with her to learn more about her very special journey with Morilee!



What initially sparked your interest in the bridal industry?


(Shelly and her team at Always and Forever Bridal in Arkansas)


Shelly: “I started off in the bridal industry as a store owner about 15 years ago. At the time, the area we lived in Arkansas was lacking a bridal/prom store that had on-trend dresses. No one in the area carried Morilee or any other major label, so we just really identified that there was such a need to bring gorgeous, high quality collections to the community. My sister Stacey (who is also a Morilee Rep) and I had a long family history in retail and she had been wanting to open a boutique, so when we saw the open lane in the bridal industry, we decided to jump on it. “



What began your relationship with Morilee?


(From Left: Shelly Wagner, Madeline Gardner, Stacey Wagner)


Shelly: “We did a really deep dive into a market analysis of what brands were carried and which lines really rose to the top and Morilee just kept popping up. And so, it was without a doubt our first choice for a company to go with. It was the first showroom we went into and they are the ONLY brand that, 15 years later, we have continuously bought and carried every single season. We’ve never skipped a season. Not even during the pandemic. Every season, the dresses are so on-point and we know we have to have them.”



Tell me about someone in the bridal industry that has inspired you.


Shelly: “The previous sales rep from Morilee, her name was Sharon. She was my mentor. And unfortunately she passed away in April of 2020. She was a beautiful light inside and out. She really taught me the ins and outs of bridal. I can’t even put into words what an incredible impact she had on me as my mentor and on Morilee as a whole. She was just such an incredible light.”


You can read Morilee’s beautiful memoir for Sharon here.



What makes you most proud to represent Morilee?


(Morilee Team, Photo via Shelly Wagner)


Shelly: “Morilee is really like a family. There’s a lot of moving parts and teams within the family that make it an amazing company. We start at the top with Madeline. Her styling is outstanding. Our customer service team always goes above and beyond to make it happen for our stores and our brides. Our marketing team is so talented. I don’t know how they consistently create world-class visuals that always fresh and beautiful. Our leadership team are absolute visionaries and NOBODY hustles as hard as our shipping department. Everyone plays such a key role in the Morilee family and it’s so inspiring to be working alongside a team that is ALWAYS at the top of their game.”



Tell me some of your favorite Morilee styles!

Shelly: “For a fitted gown, I’m a big fan of Lizzy.”


 (Lizzie by Morilee)


“Sophia is another honorable mention.”


 (Sofia by Morilee)


“We released a new ball gown called Dominique and I’m OBSESSED!”


 (Dominique by Morilee)


“If you know Madeline, you know she is the QUEEN of ball gowns. Sage is such an iconic gown. I mean..How can you top that?!”


 (Sage by Morilee)



What has been the most exciting opportunity you’ve had in working with Morilee?


(Madeline Gardner, Photo via Morilee)


Shelly: “There are so many exciting things. I think what I take to heart the most is working with our designer, Madeline, to really curate the newest seasons’ collections. She builds the brand around real brides. She always wants to know “What are the bridal consultants saying?” What are the stylists saying? What are the BRIDES saying?” So that each season we have the newest, most on-trend gowns for our brides.”


“This is my second year as an account executive and I absolutely adore working with our stores. We visited El Paso back in the fall and it was so much fun getting to know the team and being able to be more hands-on in helping stylists to know everything there is to know about our incredible collections.”



Which is your favorite Morilee Bridal line and why?


(Photo via Morilee)


Shelly: “That’s like asking someone to pick their favorite child. But if I had to pick just one, I think I would have to go with the classic Morilee Collection. It’s timeless, massive, and it’s really the core collection that the other collections branch out from.”



What’s it like working so closely with your sister?


(From Left: Shelly’s sister Stacey, Shelly’s mom LaBeth, Shelly Wagner. Photo by Megan Steidly)


Shelly: “That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Well, first of all, no one works harder than my sister. Stacey is a rockstar. We have each others’ backs and we really know each others’ strengths which makes us such a strong team. I’m more of a numbers person, whereas she is more of a marketing and visual person, so when we work together, you really get the best of both worlds. It can be interesting at times, though. We are sisters. We’re only three years apart, and we are exactly the same and completely different at the same time. At the end of the day, I can’t imagine doing any of this with anyone else.”



Tell me some bridal trends you are LOVING right now!

Shelly: “I’m loving corset bodices. I love the boning. I think the whole look is timeless, yet it maintains a really modern feel to it.”


 (Fiorella by Morilee)


“Absolutely obsessed with 3D Florals. So romantic and elegant.”


 (Florence by Morilee)


“Trends aside, I’m a huge fan of a classic clean dress as well. I love a dress that just really lets the bride shine!”


 (Erin by Morilee)


– Shelly Wagner, Account Executive at Morile



Get ready for an extra exciting month…

We’ll be celebrating Morilee all month long here at Bridal Novias. Our boutique is STOCKED with all your favorite Morilee styles as well as some stunning new arrivals. Stay tuned on our social media, where we’ll be showing you our favorite styles, talking to experts, and unveiling exciting new looks. We are also hosting NATIONAL BRIDAL SALE the entire month of July so make sure you schedule your bridal appointment for this month. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!